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Paul Gehrig | Hammond-Organ - Fender Rhodes - Piano - Strings

The musical multitalent Paul Gehrig started his career at preschool age. The founder of FLUX still feels at home
on the drums - which surely explains his percussive approach and unique independence on the hammond organ. He displayed his impressive skills with German TV and broadcasting stations BR and ARD. More info on

Claus Hessler | Drums

Firmly established in the drumming scene, Claus Hessler can be found at festivals between Mexico, South Korea and anywhere in between. With FLUX he demonstrates technical virtuosity along with musical taste and sensitivity. As a soloist he is creating textures that you would not really expect from the drums, taking the instrument to a completely different level.
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Thomas Langer | Electric & Acoustic Guitar

Stylistic flexibility bridging the gap between the Beatles and Pat Metheny is the trademark of Thomas Langer. With cultural awards, several CD publications and the cooperation with Barabara Dennerlein to his credit, his inspired performance with FLUX is one of a kind - he is obviously enjoying the musical freedom inside the "Hammond-Sound Cloud".
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